Trying to pen my vision is a challenge because its hard to define the capacity of my heart's desire to reach across borders of generations and cultures with Art. Each form, whether singing, dancing, acting, painting or writing has the ability to translate a message of hope, so we will start by building a firm foundation with Art's diversity. Artistic communication breeds creativity. Creativity breeds innovation. Innovation changes lives. 


Relatively Speakin' will plow through the fields of unchartered territory. Those that are forgotten, or tossed aside will be given a platform to express their truth through Art.

Our founders have discovered the value in paying it forward while understanding a simple principle; True leaders always begin as great servants. I truly love to serve others! I thrive when doing so. I am at my best when I serve. Humility exudes because when I serve, I am not just a helping hand, I am being helped.

"A trailblazer is never comfortable in a state of comfort."